an intertwined root

It's difficult to plan for down the road when you need to meet today's demands. But keeping your eye on the long term when it comes to IT is crucial.

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locks and computer code on a screen

Cybersecurity has never been more important than it is today. And as the cloud helps to decentralize business operations, new measures are needed to protect ...

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a young female employee talking with coworkers

A new generation of employees are entering the workforce, carrying novel skills and expectations. It is crucial for companies to embrace young workers, and e...

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a laptop giving out money like an atm

Many businesses see IT as a resource that costs money. It's time to start seeing it as a resource that makes it instead.

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a glowing crystal ball in someone's hand

The cloud has been at the forefront of business technology news in 2017, and there is no indication that that will change come next year. In anticipation of ...

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a man using a laptop on the couch

Technology has made it possible for employees to contribute to a business from anywhere in the world. Provided the right infrastructure is in place.

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