The cloud has been at the forefront of business technology news in 2017, and there is no indication that that will change come next year. In anticipation of this continued growth, Network World recently released its prognostication for the top cloud trends of 2018.

Included among the predictions is a forecast for heightened growth among SaaS usage. SaaS tools, most commonly delivered as apps, have become an integral operational asset for many businesses, and usage is only expected to increase. Usage of PaaS and IaaS services is also expected to increase steadily next year.

Increased usage will come from a combination of greater dependence among current users and rapid adoption among those not invested. As businesses continue to search for ways to provide greater access to their customers and better tools to their employees, the integration of these remotely delivered services will spur aggressive widespread adoption.

In order to meet the demands of wider use, service providers will need to increase the access their clients have to storage space. This will necessitate the introduction of new data centres and large-storage capacity equipment. In turn, the added space will benefit companies that work with big data to create analysis based strategies.

Another trend we can expect is the continued growth of IoT. Businesses will cast as wide a net as possible to enable their customers to engage as easily and seamlessly as possible. IoT will also influence how employees contribute to their company by allowing for easier access to information and an augmented ability to contribute remotely.

Security will be another big focus. There were numerous high-profile cyberattacks pulled off in 2017, including the Equifax data breach. To avoid being victimized, businesses will look to invest in cyber security, and providers will look to up their game in the face of new threats.