Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are used by businesses to optimize operational efficiency and centralize data. Traditionally, these systems have been stored on company hardware and have only been accessible to on premise machines. In recent years, ERPs such as the pbe3, have come to be delivered remotely via the cloud.

The Value of ERP

An ERP grants unparalleled visibility to decision-makers. Trends can be identified, inefficiencies pinpointed and key tasks conducted, all from a single integrated hub. The benefits of using an ERP include:

Greater efficiency: Automate key tasks and have up-to-date information in one place. No old versions, no relying on each department to present separate sets of data.

Better visibility: Get a snapshot of your business or investigate ongoing trends. An ERP allows you to see a wealth of data located within an easy to use dashboard.

Operate with more accuracy: Automate time-consuming tasks that are prone to human error. Save time and ensure everything is done right on the first go.

Refine your business method: Get every last bit of information needed to make important decisions. Track data from each corner of the company so you can make the most informed choices.

Unmatched integration: Eliminate miscommunications and avoid missed opportunities by allowing each sector of your company to operate in unison, rather than alone.



pbe3 is an ERP solution that focuses on providing a rich and comprehensive user experience. It was created as an affordable tool that small and midsized businesses can use to stimulate growth and optimize vital processes.

Rather than asking that you change your approach to accommodate a new ERP, the fully configurable pbe3 allows you to generate workflows however you want, and view data through customized representations. You are able to highlight the features you need and ignore those you don’t. And because the pbe3 is provided via the cloud, it can be implemented, scaled and updated remotely by our experts.

The pbe3 allows you to customize workflows and data representations so you have the clearest, quickest and most thorough overview of your business. It provides workflows for several key areas of a business, including sales, purchasing, fulfillment, finance, reporting and e-commerce.

Customer Management

What truly distinguishes the pbe3 is versatility. As a fully configurable sandbox solution, the pbe3 delivers numerous advantages that few ERPs can match.

Custom modifications: You shouldn’t settle for what you’re offered. Tell us how you want the pbe3 to look and function, and we will tailor it to your requirements.

Comprehensible workflows and visuals: Get data in real-time. Create lists, graphs and charts so you can easily understand and present your findings.

Easy updates and changes: Don’t choose between a legacy system and expensive new updates. Because the pbe3 is a SaaS solution, upgrades and changes are quick, easy and affordable.

Optimize user experience: Configure the pbe3 however you want; emphasize the functions relevant to your business, and stash those that aren’t.

Scale easier than ever: Don't choose between building for today or tomorrow. Add and subtract functions as needed so you can build for today, today, and tomorrow, tomorrow.

Custom user authorization: Grant varying levels of access to different users. Give employees what they need to work efficiently, while allowing decision-makers to take a holistic view of the company.

Access points: Access the pbe3 remotely. Have the information you need whether you’re at home, presenting to a client or halfway around the world.

Support: Enjoy top-notch support from experts whenever you have a question or want to make a change.

Legacy avoidance: Stay lean and flexible. Don’t just use an ERP that will age well; use pbe3, which will actively grow alongside your business.

Small business specialization: Take advantage of the pbe3’s workflow modules that are designed for small and midsized businesses, and which can be configured for any industry.

Affordability: You shouldn’t need to be big to afford an ERP. Your ERP should help you become big. The pbe3 is an investment that will open opportunities and maximize efficiency so there is nothing holding your business back from reaching its full potential.

Choosing the right ERP can have a profound impact on the success of your business. By granting unobscured oversight of your operations and automating key processes, the pbe3 solution will help your company grow and develop in concrete ways.

* Learn more about how the pbe3 works, and how it can help your business run like an industry leader.



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