Stay on top of your bottom line every step of the way.

Financial Oversight

  • Condense bookkeeping tasks:  Keep a general ledger that is complemented by supporting documentation within the same system.
  • Easily find what’s coming and going:  Breeze through organized records of accounts payable and accounts receivable to find what you need.
  • Simplify international business:  pbe3 is equipped with multi-national capabilities, allowing the system to easily track and convert different currencies of varying monetary values.
  • Automate functions:  Let your ERP prepare important documents, like month-end and year-end closes.


Manage Accounts

  • Establish and track budgets:  Centralize the oversight of account budgets to ensure everything is lining up as expected.
  • Manage cash accounts:  Increase the visibility of accounts big and small, and keep your money secure.
  • Process pre-payments without confusion:  With everything in one place, you can maintain oversight of all money coming in and going out.
  • Generate documents:  Create invoices and credit notes in batch, and send them to clients straight from the pbe3.  
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