Get the information you need to make informed decisions about your business.

Real Time Information

  • Maintain a library of reports:  Keep everything you need in one place, categorizing your documents in any way you choose. 
  • Use role-based report access:  Grant different users specified levels of access to keep sensitive information in the proper hands without hampering employee efficiency.
  • Infuse your data with life:  Create interactive graphs and charts without forcing yourself to master a complex graphic design program.
  • Customize your reports:  Design your own reports; create the look, decide which data to include and choose where to store your material. 
  • Export data with ease:  pbe3 is compatible with PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, XML and HTML, and data can be exported as any of these file types.

Real Time Information


  • Enjoy personalized and role-based dashboards:  Ensure each user is set up to maximize efficiency and capability; no one-size fits all software that forces you to change how you do things.
  • Find important data with ease:  pbe3 is easy to navigate and offers clear paths to the information you want.  
  • Use module-based dashboards:  Use multiple dashboards simultaneously; why use the same menus for fulfillment and finance when you can use dashboards designed precisely for each focus? 
  • Determine the depth of your data:  pbe3 won’t prevent you from getting granular; the software will help you get as deep (or shallow) into the data as you want. 

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