Streamline your sales process to better serve your customers, save time, and sell more.

Sales Management

  • Generate important documents from within the sales module:  Create quotes, sales orders, contracts, packing slips, invoices and PDFs.
  • Gather product information in one place:  Access important records and key information from a single, easy to navigate location. 
  • Keep an eye on important transactions:  Use POS features for counter sales and retail environments.
  • Adjust on the fly:  Customizable price levels, discounts and credit limits from within the pbe3 system. 
  • Track your products:  Keep tabs on shipments from the moment you add them to your inventory to the moment they reach your customer.
  • Monitor key metrics:  Track sales, commissions and other critical performance data.

Sales Management

Customer Management

  • Answer questions expertly: Easily access customer information and order histories whenever your customers ask.
  • Consolidate and track communication histories: pbe3 is fully compatible with Office 365 and ParetoBX so you can compile and reference past communications.
  • Stop imagining, start seeing: Track details with a visual representation of any sales pipeline.
  • Equip your sales team: Arm your sales team with real-time data, such as order statuses and inventory availability. 
  • Conduct campaigns and manage opportunities: Run everything with the support of pbe3 to maximize efficiency and simplicity. 

Customer Management
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