Why pbe3

A System Built for You

pbe3 is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution like no other. It was built with small to medium sized businesses in mind. As the hub of your business it will be the go-to source of information for individuals at all levels of the company, while its role-based security settings will allow you to control who sees what.

As a true Sandbox ERP, pbe3 gives users full control over how the system works. We’ll configure the entire platform based on your specifications so the solution you get is the solution you want. Whereas some business software forces you to reinvent your processes, pbe3 is designed to improve and perfect the processes that successfully drive your business.


Scale revenue without scaling labour. The flow of data is streamlined, allowing staff to spend less time on data entry and more time helping your business grow.


Easily view the data you want, how you want it. Every screen, form and report is personalized to show the information you need.


Unify your business. From lead generation and sales, to invoicing and processing payments, everything is accomplished in one place so you never lack the information you require.

Our Process

Gone are the days of asking what a system is capable of. Instead, we ask, "What do you need your system to do?"

Your System, Your Way

The way we see it, no two businesses run the same, so why should their systems? We take the time to learn about your business operations and create a customized workflow diagram tailored to your needs. You describe your processes to us, and we'll bring your workflow to life.

Process Step1

Embrace the Unknown

With the business world continuously changing and evolving, you need a system that can adapt as quickly and easily as you do. The flexible tools your workflow is built on will allow your system to adapt to your changing needs with no interruption to your employees. If you want to add or remove fields from a screen, or even change the order in which events happen – no problem! The changes are made to your workflow diagram and your system is updated in real-time

Process Step2



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